Parents upset Cullins-Lakepointe teacher arrested twice for DWIs, still teaching


ROWLETT – Some parents are upset that Cullins-Lakepointe Elementary School SAGE Gifted & Talented Education teacher Stephanie Pack is still teaching after being arrested twice for DWIs in Rockwall and Dallas Counties late last year.

According to the parents, they are upset she has not been placed on administrative leave or taken leave herself until she resolves the issues. They say if she was drinking and driving she has shown a terrible example and exhibited a lack of responsibility to their children and the school.

Pack was arrested Oct. 25 in Rockwall County for Driving While Intoxicated with a BAC level greater than >= 0.15. Her case is now pending. If convicted of that level, the court must order the installation of an ignition interlock device on all her owned motor vehicles for one year following a period of license suspension.

She was arrested the second time Nov. 16 in Dallas Co. for DWI Open Container and placed on Probation Dec. 9.

After being contacted by The Rockwall News, Rockwall ISD Communications Director Renae Turner issued a statement that the principal appears to have acted in compliance with state and federal law and “Not all infractions by personnel are terminable or require administrative leave.”

Pack has not responded to our request for a comment.

Following is the complete RISD statement:

“The information available to the District indicates the principal at Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary School acted in compliance with state and federal law, as required by the provisions governing confidential personnel information. The District does not have information indicating the safety of students has been compromised at any time or that the matters referenced occurred in conjunction with the individual’s employment with the District.”

“While personnel matters are confidential, please know that the type of infraction determines the action taken by any school district. For instance, a felony is a much more serious situation than a misdemeanor and causes a different response. Not all infractions by personnel are terminable or require administrative leave. The type of job responsibilities, and whether those duties are impeded by the infraction, also determines the type of action taken with an employee. Rockwall ISD follows the law and school policy when addressing employee behavior.”



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