5 reasons NOT to vote for Frisco’s John Keating to represent Rockwall Co. in May 24 Election

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(By The Rockwall News Publisher J.J. Smith) – There are at least five reasons why you should NOT vote for Frisco Republican John Keating to represent Rockwall County and portions of Collin County in the May 24 Republican Primary Run-Off Election for Texas House District 33.

First and, perhaps the most obvious, Keating is a Frisco resident and Frisco City Council member. As such he’s been absorbed with Frisco and Collin County issues for years and cannot possibly know as much about Rockwall County as our Rockwall County candidate,  Heath City Council Member and Regal Realtors owner Justin Holland.

Keating only just started learning about Rockwall County issues last year when he decided to run. Holland has lived here for decades, serving Rockwall County residents not only in elected positions but also with Helping Hands, in churches and more. Well-known and respected across Rockwall Co., Holland would far better represent Rockwall County in Austin.

A quick look at the Endorsements page of Keating’s website makes it clear that all of his support comes from Frisco and Collin Co. The majority of support for Holland comes from Rockwall County.

Second, the majority of House District 33 Republican residents live in Rockwall County, so it only makes sense that our State Representative comes from where the most residents reside.

It’s been many years since Rockwall County was represented by one of our own in Austin. Our current Representative, Scott Turner of Frisco, was elected in 2012 in the new HD33. Before that, Collin County resident Rep. Jodie Laubenburg of Parker represented our county for many years. In fact, it’s been over 100 years since a Rockwall County Republican represented our county in Austin.

The time has come for a Rockwall County resident to represent us in Austin, who knows our problems and will ensure our voices are heard.

Third, as long as Rep. Joe Straus is the Speaker of the Texas House, anyone endorsed by Empower Texans – as Keating is – will not accomplish much of anything in Austin.

Empower Texans, also known as Texans For Fiscal Responsibility, has targeted Straus for years. He is Texas’ first Jewish Speaker. The organization founded by and financed by Evangelical Christians say he’s not conservative enough. Although ET has been successful in helping to get a dozen or so ultra-conservative, Evangelical legislators elected – including State Sen. Bob Hall in Senate District 2, which includes Rockwall Co. – few if any of these legislators has even had a bill passed since they’ve been in office. That’s because they are all “owned” by Empower Texans’ main benefactor, Midland millionaire and Evangelical Tim Dunn.

These include the Collin County State Representatives who have endorsed Keating  – Scott Sanford, Scott Leach and Matt Sheehan – as well as Reps. Pat Fallon, Matt Rinaldi, Jonathan Strickland, Matt Krause, Tony Tinderholt and more.

Strauss was first elected unanimously as Speaker Jan. 13, 2009. He was overwhelmingly re-elected to a fourth two-year term Jan. 13, 2015, and he’s not going anywhere soon.

So why elect a candidate like Keating who can’t accomplish anything because he is aligned with and controlled by one of Straus’ primary enemies? If you were Speaker and were attacked regularly, would you help someone who is supported by those same people and organizations?

Fourth, his primary support comes from a coalition of political groups which engage in highly negative campaigning which have admitted publicly they want to take over Texas politics: Empower Texans, Grassroots AmericaTexas Eagle Forum, Texas Home School Coalition and Texas Right To Life.

The problem with that? They “own” the majority of the candidates they endorse and raise money for. Unless a candidate or legislator does exactly what they tell them to do, they will attempt to take out that candidate by cutting off his or her financial support, find and finance another opponent, send out hit pieces, make negative robo calls, run inaccurate radio ads, picket campaign events and more. They also announced publicly that any House member who votes for Straus as Speaker would get a 50 percent deduction off their conservative rating on their website – regardless of how conservative that legislator actually is.

Although they have been successful in ousting such long-term Republicans as State Senators Bob Deuell, John Carona and Rep. Lance Gooden using tactics often described as “bullying,” those legislators they’ve elected have been largely unsuccessful in Texas House and Senate chambers.

Fifth, if you compare Keating’s website and campaign literature with those of our Rockwall County candidates, you’ll notice they’re all for and against the same issues – low taxes, smaller government, securing the border, stopping illegal immigration, protecting religious liberty, maintaining our Second Amendment rights, pro-life, better education system, etc.
With such a good conservative Rockwall County Republican opponent as Justin Holland – who was born, raised and owns a business in Rockwall County – we simply don’t need yet another Collin County resident to represent us in Austin – one whose hands will be tied, doesn’t understand our needs in Rockwall County and can’t represent us well because of his allegiances.



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