Murder suspect Amyx told police they had suicide pact but she “chickened out”


PLANO – Murder suspect Kenneth Amyx of Fate told Plano police that he and the Plano woman he had known since high school and recently started dating, Jennifer Streit-Spears, had a suicide pact “to stab each other until they died” but she “chickened out” so “he had to finish her off.”

According to the probable cause affidavit released yesterday, Amyx told Plano police after his arrest Sunday that he and Streit-Spears initially planned to run away together because he was a wanted man after being indicted for continuous sexual abuse of a child under 14 in Rockwall County and indecency with a child in Dallas County. The two were lifelong friends and had been dating for about four months, the affidavit stated.

Amyx told police they decided upon a suicide pact instead. They had been drinking. They went to the bedroom with two knives. Amyx said he cut the back of his girlfriend’s neck first, and then they took turns with the knives, the affidavit stated. Streit-Spears told Amyx “she was cold and she said hit it hard (cut her harder),” the affidavit stated.

But Plano police officer David Tilley told Fox4 News it appears the suspect’s superficial wounds to his neck and wrist were self-inflicted.

“People will fabricate stories to help in their defense, whether or not his story is true, that’s something we’re still looking into,” said Tilley, who sstated police were still examining if there was a suicide pact.

Amyx told police he took and posted photos of both of them to Facebook. He also texted a photo to Streit-Spears’ mother. Plano police have since taken the photos into evidence. They have also been removed from Facebook but only after family members and friends said they begged Facebook to remove them. They stayed up for 36 hours.

Fox4 News reported he also called his father stating,” This is Ken. I love you. We’ve cut out throats,” and then hung up.

Jail records show his approved visitors list included a stepfather, a stepbrother, friends and a girlfriend named Kristi Amyx.

NBC Dallas reports that Amyx and Streit-Spears had known each other since high school. Friends told the station that he’d always had a crush on her but they’d only recently started dating.

Police continue to investigate the case.







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