Andrew Hawkes releases 5 videos outlining what he will do if elected County Sheriff

ROCKWALL – County Sheriff candidate Andrew Hawkes has released five videos on his campaign website and his wife’s YouTube site, including two on his Facebook page, outlining what he will do if elected in his race against current longtime Sheriff Harold Eavenson.

Hawkes appears to be the first local candidate to use campaign videos during the 2016 election season.

Thus far he’s posted 2 videos on his Facebook timeline in which he states, once elected, he will:

  1. Bring “evidence-based policing and intelligence-based policing” to the County, using data collected by deputies to predict the “hot spots” where crime is most likely to occur, rather than just driving around aimlessly.
  2. Ensure the County Sheriff’s office uses the gold standard in modern policing and law enforcement management techniques by getting accredited by CALEA (Commission on the Accredid ation of Law Enforcement Agencies) just like the Arlington Police Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition three more videos on his website outline what he will do once elected as County Sheriff:

  • What kind of Sheriff he will be
  • His long term plan for Rockwall County
  • What does the Sheriff actually do?





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