Assault charge filed against Heath High student for pushing girl into wall after she broke up with him

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ROCKWALL – An assault charge has been filed against a male 16-year old Rockwall-Heath High School student for repeatedly pushing a 16-year-old girl into a school hallway wall last month after she broke up with him two days earlier.

According to the girl’s mother, a school surveillance video she was shown by school resource officer Matt Mayo shows the two students talking and “every time she tries to walk away, he pushes her back into the wall and, at one point, picks her up and carries her back.”

The mother told The Rockwall News that her daughter agreed to meet with him briefly at school after he sent her hundreds of text messages begging to meet. They had been dating for about one year.

The mother said that she knows the boy and his family well. She said she believes he needs therapy to help him because his mother is a drug-abuser and father an alcoholic. He told her daughter that he drinks himself to sleep every night. He is being raised by his grandparents, whom she said are “good people.”

But she said she is upset with the school district and school resource officer for the way the incident has been handled.

She believes the boy should have been assigned to the Quest Academy, where he can get more help for his behavior issues. Friends of the boy and girl told her that he was suspended out of school for three days and in school for one day and is now back at Rockwall-Heath where the mother worries he might again assault her daughter.

The mother is also upset with officer Mayo because her daughter told her that he told the boy not to worry and that he would not get in serious trouble.

“I considered dropping the charges due to the environment that he is in and because my daughter was tired of the rumors and drama,” said the mother. “I even tried to talk to the school about it but never got a response. But since he has come to my work and contacted her several times since their break up, and I learned he was drinking, I decided not to. Hopefully he will get the help he needs through the court system. Obviously he will not get it on the school level.”
RISD Communications Director Renae Turner responded in an email: “Under FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) the district can’t release disciplinary action regarding a student.”




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