Candidate Gigliotti: What’s ‘sleazy, dishonest’ is Ratcliffe’s conflict of interest on Homeland Security Committee

US Rep. John Ratcliffe (left) and challenger Lou Gigliotti

US Rep. John Ratcliffe (left) and challenger Lou Gigliotti

PRINCETON – After Congressional candidate Lou Gigliotti‘s campaign tactics were called “sleazy and dishonest” last week by freshman Congressman John Ratciffe‘s campaign manager, Gigliotti has fired back saying what’s sleazy and dishonest is Ratcliffe’s continuing partnership with the nation’s largest Homeland Security lobbying firm while sitting on the House Committee on Homeland Security.

“What is ‘sleazy and dishonest’ is for Ratcliffe to be a sitting Congressman who is partners with a large lobbying firm like the Ashcroft Group, who seeks contracts for their clients in Homeland Security, the very department that Ratcliffe is on the oversight committee. That is what is sleazy and dishonest,” Gigliotti told The Rockwall News.

The candidate in the March 1 Republican Primary Election says Ratcliffe shouldn’t and likely can’t do this legally because he could potentially steer billions of dollars to his former client and profit to his partners.

“This is the killer,” explained Gigliotti. “His former law client, the Huntington Ingalls Company, received half a billion dollars from Homeland Security contracts while they were represented by Ashcroft Group, who is still partners with Ratcliffe.”

He says the conflict of interest he’s been telling people about at campaign meetings has caused the Ratcliffe campaign to make robo calls to thousands of voters stating Gigliotti is lying.

But he says he is not lying and people are beginning to really take an interest in what he’s uncovered.

“They did not answer the question,” said Gigliotti. “I am calling on Ratcliffe to immediately step down from his committee seats. At best, this shows a lack of integrity and extreme self-interest and, at worst, it may very well be illegal – but in either case, it is unacceptable.”
“This is extremely troubling.  Texas Voters did not elect Ratcliffe to continue to represent his lobbying partner, the Ashcroft Group, in Congress. Nor did they expect Ratcliffe’s former client, Huntington Ingalls, to be the recipient of over half a billion dollars from the department Ratcliffe is supposed to be providing oversight on. It does not get any more dishonest than this.”
“I don’t ever remember anything like this coming out of a lobbying scandal, including the Jack Abramoff Scandal that landed Abramoff in jail. This is about an arrogant power grab and the transfer of our tax dollars to his client and partners and nothing more.”




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