Collin Co. Deputies Assn. endorse Andrew Hawkes for Rockwall Co. Sheriff

Andrew Hawkes

Collin County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Andrew Hawkes

To the Citizens of Rockwall County,

The Deputies Association would like to share our thoughts and feelings regarding Andrew Hawkes.

We understand that the upcoming election for Rockwall County Sheriff has no bearing on Collin County or the Deputies Association; however, it will have a direct effect on fellow law enforcement brothers/sisters. It is for this reason I am sending this communication to the citizens and fellow law enforcement in Rockwall County.

Lt. Andrew Hawkes has been a dedicated employee of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office since 2001. In that time, he has worked many positions – including patrol, criminal investigations, patrol sergeant, patrol lieutenant, and currently serving as our community services lieutenant. My point in briefly mentioning some of Andrew Hawkes’ experiences is not to parade his accomplishments to you; it is to show he has been in the trenches and fought the good fight.

Andrew is not a politician looking for an elected office to hold. He is a dedicated law enforcement officer that has had a career progress to the point that the Office of the Sheriff in Rockwall County is the next natural step.

I have personally worked for Andrew previously and I always found him to be fair with the constant demand you do your job everyday. Andrew has always been very vigilant in trying to eradicate narcotics transportation through Texas and has shown his ability to admirably handle himself under fire. Andrew has been tested like few in our profession have been or ever will be. He passed all of the test.

In addition to his real world experience he has sought and attained his education in the area of criminal justice. The citizens and fellow law enforcement of Rockwall County can’t ask for more than an experienced, educated, and dedicated professional leading their department into the future. We have realized tremendous growth in Collin County and Andrew Hawkes can apply those experiences to the growth in Rockwall County. Andrew Hawkes has maintained his residency in Rockwall County throughout his time in Collin County. That has always told me his heart remained there, even while his work was with us. The Deputies Association unequivocally supports Andrew Hawkes in his pursuit to be the next Sheriff of Rockwall County. We ask that you do as well.

Mike Rumfield, President



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