Heath principal contacts parents about ‘concern for school safety’ rumor

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HEATH – A social media rumor involving a “concern for school safety” led Rockwall-Heath High School Principal Tom Maglisceau to contact parents yesterday via text and email.

He explained that the rumor, which was learned about several weeks ago, has been investigated by the school, the school resource officer and Heath public safety and it was determined there was no validity to the rumor.

He did not identify what the rumor was. The Rockwall News has contacted the Rockwall school district to find out and is awaiting a response.

Several parents posted on Facebook yesterday and today that they previously read on social media that a boy threatened to bring a gun to school today.

April 20 is the anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings.

Following is the message sent by Heath High principal Tom Maglisceau:

Dear Parents,

Our school is aware of a rumor being shared on social media about a concern for school safety tomorrow, April 20.

The initial concern arose several weeks ago when a student whose relative is considered a prophet by his family, who shared a vision for an omen to come true at the end of April. We investigate all information that is shared with us to ensure the safety of our children. Our school and our school resource officer investigated this matter and it was determined that there was no validity to the rumor. Since that time, social media rumors have continued but no credible leads have been presented to our school or to the Heath P.D.”

Our school, our district and Heath P.D. are all aware of the concerns still being shared on social media this evening. Our school staff will be extra vigilant tomorrow and Heath P.D. will extra support and visibility on our campus. We appreciate the continued support of our parents and students.


Tom Maglisceau




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