John Keating: HD33 race ‘far from over;’ military, overseas votes still must be counted

john Keating

FRISCO – Did Heath City Council member Justin Holland really win the House District 33 Republican Primary Run-Off Election tonight by 99 votes?

Frisco City Council member John Keating is certainly not conceding. In fact, he’s stating the race is “far from over” on his John Keating for Texas Facebook page.

Although Holland did receive 4,027 votes (50.6%) to Keating’s 3,928 (49.4%), Keating wrote about 30 minutes before the final election results were published that some military and overseas votes must still be counted.

“Friends, as of tonight, we are currently down 29 votes, but there are still military and overseas ballots which by law are not due for another five days,” he wrote. “Additionally, voters were allowed to cast their ballot by mail up until today, and there are provisional ballots which must be examined by election officials. Therefore this election is far from over and we will allow the process to work so that all votes, especially those cast by members of the armed forces, are fully counted and every vote is fully recorded. I thank you all for your support!”

Stand by for additional details in coming days.





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