Rockwall mother asks County Library to change “outdated” policy


Dear County Commissioners:

Good afternoon.  I am writing you to ask you to revise an outdated policy at the Rockwall County Library.  My husband has had a library card for years, but I did not request one until a month ago.  When I went in, I was told I could not obtain a card without 2 phone numbers.  Like most households in 2011, we no longer have a home phone.  I do not work, so I only have a cell phone and thus, one number.  The checkout desk told me it was the rule, and that she couldn’t change it.  I told her she could have my old home number but it was invalid, she took that and gave me a card.  When I asked to talk to someone about having the policy revised, I was told I had to email the Director, that she was not available for me to talk to her.  I came home and sent an email to the director explaining the situation and that I believe the policy needs to be revised.  I have not heard any response in the three weeks since I sent the letter.

I returned my children’s books today and went to check out new books.  My account has now been blocked by the Library Director without any notice or response to my email.  Again, the Director was not available for me to talk to directly today.  While I could create a free, fake Google phone number to get around this policy, that does not update an outdated policy that needs to be reviewed for the current society.  I could provide my children’s cell phone number, but legally, that would not be a number the library could use to collect since they are under 18.  I provided my driver’s license with my current address and another ID showing I am truly a Rockwall resident.  Since the state of Texas does not need my phone number to find me, the library certain should not need two.  I asked the librarian today what single mother families are suppose to do, if they are able to rent library books when they are on a tight budget?  She just said it is the policy.  While I can afford to frequent Roma’s and Half Price Books, we do have citizens in this county that would benefit from this policy being changed to only requiring one phone number.

I have paid County taxes for almost five years but cannot check out books because I questioned a policy that needs to be updated.  I would like to request that you please review this matter as well as review the process that staff uses to retailate against Rockwall County citizens for asking a question.  To date, I have not received any reply by email or phone from Mrs. McCulley.  I understand the Council has been reviewing outsourcing the library, however, a change in management that will listen and respond to the county residents may bring the results of more patrons to this public service.

Thank you for your consideration and time.


Kaydee Short

Rockwall, TX 75032



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  1. Kaydee, I am curious as to if this was ever resolved for you?

    Scott M. October 27, 2011 at 9:25 am

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