We Remember: 43 Rockwall Co. soldiers who died in WWI, II, Vietnam, Afghanistan

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ROCKWALL – This Memorial Day weekend The Rockwall News remembers 43 former Rockwall County residents who died in combat in World War I, World War II, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

The names of the 41 WWI and WWII County residents who gave their lives are inscribed on a simple bronze plaque on the east side of the old Rockwall Co. courthouse on the Square.

plaque at courthouse

The simple bronze plaque on the east wall of the old courthouse

Unfortunately nothing else is currently known about these courageous men and women or anyone else who may have died during the wars listed below or as a result of them. If anyone has information about military who have died in the cause of our great nation, please contact us for future news articles.

May God bless them all and their families for their sacrifices. Rest In Peace.

World War I:

  1. Terry L. Fisher
  2. Herman Bennett
  3. Walter Jackson
  4. Terry J. Seely
  5. William R. McMurry
  6. Clifford C. Hall
  7. Everette G. Shook
  8. Roy C. Sebastian
  9. Oscar B. Streetman
  10. Robert T. Mulry
  11. Jesse M. Stone
  12. Harold Benbrook
  13. Porter Johnson
  14. James Penn Crump
  15. Oscar Welch

World War II

  1. Sherman L. Allen
  2. Thomas Cleo Brown
  3. A. J. Bishof, Jr.
  4. Walter Estell Carr
  5. Winfred Rowland Darr, Jr.
  6. Cruz Garcia
  7. Frank Watkins, Jr.
  8. Garland Taylor
  9. Wayne Max Houser
  10. Harmon W. Moore
  11. A. R. Dawson
  12. Grover K. West
  13. L.V. Edwards
  14. Elmer L. Morrow
  15. James W. Akins
  16.  Adolphus Nichols
  17. Jack Pearson
  18. Hubert Hancock
  19. Billye Deweese Steward
  20. Richard Earl St. John
  21. Landrum Leach
  22. Carl Bird Muriel Bost
  23. Handley D. Holmes
  24. Weldon Eugene Tyree
  25. G. R. Howell
  26. Ray T. Gill


None known


Charles ‘Chuck’ Robert Stevenson


Jerod Osborne


None known

Other Battles:

None known



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