Rockwall music teacher Dalton Rapattoni voted off American Idol last night, finishes third

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HOLLYWOOD CA – Rockwall School of Rock music teacher and Sunnyvale resident Dalton Rapattoni was voted off American Idol last night and will not advance to the finale next week but he certainly has some big plans for his fans in the future.

After the show the 20-year-old revealed that he begins working on his first album Sunday.

“Work starts Sunday on that,” he told reporters an hour after his elimination. “I am driving off to Austin. My buddy Matt Novensky from Blue October will be working with me so that will be out in a few months.”

Asked if his music will be similar to his coronation song, “Strike a Match,” Rapattoni said he has a specific sound in mind which he calls “alternative pop.”

“It’s funny, they pegged me on the show as a rocker. I don’t really play too much rock music. I really dig stuff like The 1975. It’s probably a tiny bit like that, my future music.”

Rapattoni also revealed to reporters that he has an interest in Broadway show tunes, which he showed when he auditioned with “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Hopelessly Devoted to You” from Grease.

“I could do that. Broadway would be fun,” he said. “Constantine Maroulis, he was the big Broadway guy. That worked for him. So, yeah, that would be awesome.”

Asked how he felt about being in the top 10 of the last American Idol, he said, “That is pretty freaking dope if you ask me. I am just so honored to be part of something this big. I am really glad they didn’t let Idol just sputter out and die like some shows did. They definitely ended it on a high note and I am glad to be a part of that. ”

His mother, Kiva Jackson Rapattoni, wrote her thoughts on Facebook after the show. She was there in Hollywood cheering for her son.

“We are finally in a quiet place where I can take a minute to collect my thoughts,” she wrote. “First, I want to say that we feel incredibly blessed for Dalton to have had this amazing opportunity. The friendships he formed with some of the contestants and crew mean the world to him. What an phenomenal experience from start to finish.”

“Secondly, we are so incredibly grateful for all of the unwavering support Dalton has received from our friends, family, and from our community. I mean, 3rd place sure feels like a win, if you look at it that way. Thank you.”






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