Rockwall transgender teen mom thankful for new Obama trans bathroom directive

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ROCKWALL – The mother of a 17-year-old Rockwall transgender teen expressed thanks for the Obama administration’s directive this morning that all US public schools must allow transgender students to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice or face possible loss of federal funding or a federal lawsuit.

The mother – who asked their names not be used – told The Rockwall News that she thinks the directive will be helpful to school counselors, staff and teachers.

“So, I think it’s not a surprise that while I am surprised by the administration’s directive, I am not sorry for it. Talking with school counselor friends and public school teachers, there has been a lot of confusion about the specifics of how to follow these elements of Title IX. I know that people on one side of the political aisle will more certainly see it as imperial over reach, but I don’t think so.”

She also thinks it will help stop the bullying of transgender students which she explained happens a lot.

“I do know many people have been confronted, especially since these ‘bathroom bills’ have started to be the rage. If we are talking about schools, trans students are bullied in school, all the time. It’s the reason why many drop out,” she said.

Her child previously attended Rockwall High School but elected to home school because of all the social pressures. The teen was born a boy but is transitioning to become a girl.

“I think having the Department of Education say, ‘This is the law,’ and ‘This is how you follow it’ is a good thing, both in terms of justice and in terms of those students.”

“I’m not clear on why it would make things more difficult for transgender students who are open in who they are (not all transgender people are, or who have transitioned/are transitioning in terms of outward gender expression of course). Far from it–it would be much easier. What it comes down to is helping these very vulnerable students be able to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity, rather than be forced into a potentially dangerous and damaging situation (which has happened a lot).”

The mom explained that her child elected to home school because of all the social pressures. The teen previously attended Rockwall High School. The teen was born a boy but is transitioning to become a girl.

“My child, as I think I mentioned, elected to home school after she came out to me, in part because of these kinds of social pressures. However, when we are in public and she has to use the restroom, she uses the ladies room; despite the marker on her birth certificate, she is female, and she looks female. Like other transgender people, though, bathrooms make her nervous, again because of how other people have sort of been taking free license to confront anyone whom they might perceive as different.”

“Having said that, all the trans people I know have said that general public bathroom laws will not prevent them from continuing to use the correct facilities (for them–not “correct” in terms of birth certificate). The teens basically say, ‘Pfff, whatever, you can’t make me. On the other hand, people like me ain’t gonna put up with legal discrimination.’ And it is, whether people like the Mayor can see that or not.”

The mother said no one has said anything negative to her child in a public bathroom in the past.

“No, they haven’t thus far. But she definitely avoids it. Transgender people have enough problems, and believe me, they don’t go seeking out more. This is why I get a kick out of people who think there’s some sort of “transgender agenda.” The only agenda is to protect the civil rights of a vulnerable population, under American law.”






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