Second high rise office tower planned at Harbor after Trend Tower reaches 100% capacity


ROCKWALL – A second high-rise office building at The Harbor is now in the planning stages and available for leasing after the seven-story Trend Tower reached 100 percent capacity last month.

According to the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation President Sheri Franza, the first tower – built in 2014 – has provided Rockwall with 110,000 sq. ft. of office space, as well as an abundance of retail opportunities.

In just two years, she said Trend Tower has become one of the highest valued private projects in Rockwall. Since most office buildings are satisfied with 85 percent occupancies, she said it is rare to see the rapid success that Trend Tower has experienced in such a short period of time.

Building owner D.W. Bobst believes that Trend Tower is thriving because of its superior tenants and Dallas-level leasing rates.

“We took a gamble on building an office tower outside of Dallas and have been rewarded with some of the top tenants in the area,” says Bobst. “Some of the Tower’s occupants include the number one real estate and title companies in the area, one of the best family physician groups, alongside one of the top human resource outsourcing companies in the nation.”





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