Special town hall meeting tomorrow in response to police shootings nationwide

dallas police shootings

ROCKWALL – In response to the numerous shootings of police officers nationwide, Mayor Jim Pruitt has scheduled a special town hall meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm to discuss the public safety of police/fire personnel and citizens at the Center at Rockwall City Place, 108 East Washington St.

According to Pruitt, the purpose of the meeting is to hold “a respectful discussion, geared toward developing positive solutions to open the lines of communication between parties.”

After overviews of police and fire department community involvement are reviewed, there will be a round table discussion with citizens.

This is not a regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council but notice was published in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. As a government body the Council members may participate in the discussion but will not take any formal action at the meeting on any items discussed.

Below is a letter written by Mayor Pruitt to Rockwall citizens explaining why he called for the meeting:

“Dear Rockwall Resident,

Recent events in Dallas and across the country have led us to express our condolences to families affected by tragedy and to include them in our thoughts and prayers. It has also led people and cities to reach out to express support for local law enforcement agencies and officers, and to determine how to enhance the safety of those who protect us.

We are fortunate in Rockwall to have the opportunity to live, work, play and attend church with people from all  walks of life. While we’ve always sought to foster positive relationships throughout our community and have not experienced problems seemingly inherent in other cities across the nation, we need to realize that we are not immune to them.

That’s why we are taking a proactive step to ensure we open the lines of communication. We need to collaborate  as a community to examine our ability to connect with each other and establish relationships that enhance mutual respect. Although this effort can’t definitively insulate us from a major event that might challenge us as a community—it most certainly will help bring people closer together.

As Mayor, I have discussed with the City Council our need to hold a public meeting to further our communication with each other as a community. I will facilitate the meeting and have established the following guidelines:

1. This will remain a local matter, with honest dialogue between Rockwall residents and City officials.
2. It must be a respectful discussion, geared toward developing positive solutions to open the lines of communication between parties.
3. This will be a public meeting where everyone is encouraged to participate.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at The Center, located at 108 East Washington Street in Rockwall.

I ask that you plan to attend and participate in the meeting, with the hope that your involvement will help strengthen and enhance communication within our community—the end goal being safety for our citizens and for those who protect us.





Jim Pruitt
Mayor, City of Rockwall




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