Suicide and depression support group started in Rockwall

support group

ROCKWALL – A support group for those struggling with thoughts of suicide and depression has been started the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7 pm at the First Christian Church, 3375 Ridge Rd.

According to founder A. Davidson, Light Two Candles is not a replacement for medical or therapeutic help but can be an adjunct to one’s professional support system.

“Our focus is to understand what suicide and depression are and what they are not, to connect with others through shared experiences of the daily struggle and to support one another as we work toward recovery,” she said.

She added everyone is welcome, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexual identity, income, faith or any other personal characteristic.

For info, call the Church at 972-771-5526 or email There is also a blog:

By J.J. Smith



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