VIDEO Area resident unknowingly part of crazy Jimmy Kimmel stunt at Trump rally

DALLAS – Nevada resident, singer and former actress Beverly Oliver Massegee was unknowingly involved in a crazy Jimmy Kimmel show stunt at the Donald Trump rally Monday night.

We believe it aired last night.

While being interviewed on camera before the rally – which she was told was for ABC News – suddenly Kimmel’s nutty friend and supposed Trump supporter Jake Byrd jumped into the picture, wearing a big straw cowboy hat and Don’t Mess With Texas T-shirt.

“I haven’t heard what his actual policy’s going to be but, if it can be fixed, he will fix it,” she told the cameraman, referring to Trump.

All of a sudden Byrd burst in.

“Let me explain what Donald Trump can do, ok? She knows it,” Byrd said. “He’s friends with Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman is friends with Kim Jong-Un. Do I have to spell it out for you people? We need to put a bomb in Dennis Rodman.”

It was just one of numerous funny things Byrd did that night, including acting up in the seats right behind Trump when he spoke. Many in the audience next to this reporter were laughing at his antics, unaware they were for Kimmel’s show.

Trump evidently did not know, either, when Byrd was loudly yelling out such things as, “Yeah, real hair, real hair,” to be shown on Kimmel’s show after Trump said the people seated behind him could see his hair is real.

I had no idea,” Massegee laughed. “I was told it was for the ABC News. I’m not absolutely sure who planted him,” Massegee told The Rockwall News, before learning the interview was really a Kimmel spoof.

By J.J. Smith




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