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A comprehensive guide to medical entrance exam

After passing high school everybody chooses a particular stream to study in the future. You might enjoy the science group and dream to be a doctor. But to become one, you need to enroll yourself in a medical course. Since this course is very popular, many students apply for it, and so they need to clear the entrance exam.

The best and easiest way to prepare yourself for this entrance exam is to enroll in an online tutorial. Doctor Rama Round 1 [แพทย์ รา มา รอบ 1, which is the term in Thai] is the first step to clear this exam.

Goal of this entrance test

This medical entrance exam aims to test the knowledge that you have gained in high school. This examination is conducted to check your concepts in the subject like Natural science, Human and Social aspects of Medicine, your research skill in scientific experiments, etc.

The pattern of this exam

This exam will test you on four areas separately. Namely: The chemical and physical foundation of the biological system, the Biological and biochemical foundation of the living system, the Psychological, social and biological foundation of behavior, Critical analysis and reasoning, and general questions. 

Criteria for appearing in this exam

There are certain rules set for all students like you who want to sit for this exam. They are: you can book your seat for this test only one time on a particular date, you can appear three times maximum for this test in a year, you cannot write this test more than four times over two years, and finally in your whole life you can only sit for seven times for this exam.

To pass this exam enroll yourself in e-learning courses which have become a necessity in this tech-smitten society. It will be easy for you to learn and get prepared within a short time.

So, act fast and be mentally strong to ace this test.

 You can visit this website for further information: