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How does Legal Cannabis work in Spain?

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It is one of those questions that more and more consumers are asking, what is the legal cannabis law in Spain like? Let’s try to give some insights into how this issue is addressed on Spanish soil. Let’s say right away that there is actual legal cannabis, but we should also point out that it is found only and exclusively inside Cannabis Social Clubs.

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So forget about being able to find it much less & consume it on the street as when smoking a banal cigarette. The legislation, or rather the legal cannabis law in Spain offers the possibility of consumption and production, but only under certain specific conditions. As we said you can only consume cannabis in clubs, where you have to be a member to access it, so you have to pay a membership fee.

How is legal Cannabis grown and sold ?

In other words, Grower Cooperatives can be formed to do the growing, which then sell the harvest to the various clubs scattered throughout Spain. It is a system that works very well, with production on one side and retail consumption on the other. In between are the authorities and law enforcement that control it all, this is to prevent a drift that would drive the system out of control. This kind of legal cannabis liberalization offers not only easier control for the authorities, but also helps to decrease related crimes.

Becoming a member of a club therefore is the only way to access spanish legal cannabis. Without the fear of being prosecuted by the courts for a few cannabis “tokes.” All this is obviously very positive, however, one must keep in mind that this is not “Toyland.” Consumption is not allowed outside clubs so it is good to know this so as not to take risks.

Forbidden to consume marijuana on the street

A mistake to be avoided, but one that many people often make, sometimes even just out of bravado (foolishness?) some people smoke on the street, mistake! Police meticulously check that people avoid smoking in public places or on the street. Checks that can also create some headaches, which can be dispensed with, as well as the loss of time and often the “ride to the station.”

It does not end there, those caught will have to pay a 300 euro fine, in addition to reporting and a filing. To recap, you can’t smoke on the street, because if caught there are fines with double-digit amounts!

This is not only the point, the legal cannabis law in Spain, also prohibits possession, there is no minimum amount, it is prohibited period. There are no loopholes of convenience, if you want to smoke without any problems and in complete freedom you can do it in one of the various Cannabis Social Clubs.

Here you can smoke, relax and enjoy the pleasure of smoking without any control or restriction, they are “ free islands ” where the law allows it. Indeed, where the law makes free consumption possible because it is circumscribed in special premises such as clubs.

One can therefore avoid risking penalties and unpleasant “mishaps” with the police, who can detain us even for hours. So don’t listen to baseless online facilitation, we are here in Barcelona and touch this reality every day. Yes, the legal cannabis law in Spain offers the possibility to consume it, but remember only in authorized coffee shops, outside of these you are punishable. To those who believe that it is enough to prove you bought marijuana in coffee shops and be in compliance, we say they are wrong and that is not how the law works.

How to Enjoy a Cannabis Club

For those who travel to Spain and want to experience one of the many cannabis clubs, we can say that it will be exactly what you expect. A true cultural experience that focuses on individual freedom of choice, albeit with the limitations mentioned above but still freedom it is. So choose your nice cannabis coffee shop and enjoy your moment of relaxation in peace.

Then there is to say that the cannabis law in Spain is well structured because it links local producers who have to distribute through authorized shops.

So consuming marijuana means incentivizing Spanish farmers, who in fact, are growing in numbers every year, with obvious benefits to the economy. In other words, the cannabis law in Spain is not accidental; in addition to the legal cannabis market, there is also a whole supply chain that produces other revenue for the state. Touristically, it is a strong incentive, because tens of thousands of young people and others travel to Barcelona for example, so you can consume a lot more.

For example, the restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and all that apparatus of tourist entertainment. It is certainly not a law made haphazardly, certainly to be improved but nevertheless producing its many positive effects. This is in addition to giving an aura to the country and particularly to cities like Barcelona of social and cultural openness like few other countries. Certainly no small thing, if they can give a trust to the country as modern and socially evolved the benefits will last for decades!