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Guide to buying men’s socks

Socks are clothing accessories that usually do not receive much attention, as they are often not visible under your pants. However, once you sit, it is a different story. While a mismatched or dull pair of men’s socks will dent your otherwise sophisticated image, a luxurious pair of socks will add an exciting dash of colour to your overall attire. Whether you are wearing the trendiest ties, designer suits and expensive leather shoes, if your socks do not go well with your overall appearance, then the sophisticated aura you are trying to portray can vanish.  

So if you are conscious about your overall looks, why destroy the whole effect by ignoring the socks? You will find myriad options available on the market for buying men’s socks. The four most popular types of socks are:

  • Dress socks- The very first type of socks is dress socks. These are available in a wide variety of styles, materials and colours. From argyle prints to solids, you will get an enormous collection of dress socks available in the market. However, most men wear basic black or beige or grey socks. These neutral colours will go with almost anything that guy might wear to work or a nice evening in town with his favourite person.
  • Athletic socks– As the name suggests, men wear these socks while working out. You will find that when it comes to athletic socks, you have more choices than you know what to do with. With athletic socks, the question isn’t what colour to wear but what length you want to buy. You can choose from crew-length or knee-high type athletic socks.
  • Casual socks– Besides, the athletic and dress socks are the other category for lounging around. These socks are often extra thick and warm. You can wear these types of socks out of the house for many reasons, but it seems perfect to have on when sitting on the couch relaxing. Sometimes, the sittings around relaxing socks are the socks that have little rubber treads on the bottom that keep you from slipping. 
  • Wool socks- These are thick, woollen socks and can keep your feet warm and cozy in chilly weather. If you are a man who works outside most of the time or enjoys winter sports, then wool socks are the best option. 

Further, men’s socks are also categorised based on their length, for example, sock insoles, no-show socks, low-cut socks, ankle-cut socks, crew socks, mid-calf socks and knee-high socks. So what type of socks you buy largely depends on your preference and the ensemble you want to wear them with. Here are some tips you need to consider to give you ease when buying a pair of men’s socks. Continue reading!

How to buy appropriate men’s socks?

To start with, first, you must determine your sock size. This pays to be aware of the fist-feet size trick. Roll the ‘feet portion of the sock’ from the toes to the ankle over your tightened fist. If it rolls over to comfortably make the toe-end meet the ankle end of the socks, you know the size is right for you.

The next important consideration after the sock size is its fabric’s elasticity and quality. Not only should the socks be stretchable, but the material should also keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the day. If you live in one of the hot climatic regions, the good idea is to opt for socks in a cotton-mix material, so you do not face itching problems. 

So next time you buy a pair of socks for yourself, don’t forget to consider the things mentioned above.