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Infinity dress- The best option for bridesmaids’ dress

Choosing a bridesmaid’s dress is sometimes as stressful as choosing your wedding dress! Or even more, if you have picky bridesmaids or ladies of varying sizes and shapes. How do you keep everyone happy and ensure all your bridesmaids look great? The answer is- “infinity dress.” As the name suggests, these dresses are specific outfits that can be styled in infinite ways without adding accessories or a belt, making a perfect pick for bridesmaids. Infinity dresses, also called convertible dresses, can be converted into different styles depending on the wearer’s body type. 

If you are still unsure whether to go for infinity dresses or not for your bridesmaids, continue reading! This article describes the four excellent advantages that these dresses offer.

1. Single dress can be worn in many ways

The dress offers innumerable options to readjust and adapt to your tastes. The bretelles, the belt, and the back offer you as many possibilities as you can imagine. You can wear the dress one way during the ceremony and another in the evening for the party. 

2. These are perfect for all body shapes

When considering buying an infinity dress, losing weight or gaining weight is no more an issue. Whether thin, small, round or large, whether you have an extra large size, a generous breast, broad shoulders, or small hips, these dresses will perfectly fit your body and accentuate your body shape. Even if you get pregnant, this dress will fit your body without trouble. 

3.  You get a multitude of possibilities and colour options

These dresses are available in various types of materials and colour options. They allow everyone to choose different options while keeping everyone on the same theme. The endless possibilities and options will surely spoil you.

 4. These dresses offer the utmost comfort

These dresses are made out of very thick jerseys. It is a soft but strong fabric that offers excellent support and makes you feel comfortable. Hence, it can be said that these are chic and practical dresses.

Things you need to consider when deciding on bridesmaids dresses

Colour- Make sure the colour you pick for the dress suits all the bridesmaid’s different skin tones. The wrong choices can wash out or clash with the complexion or hair colour of the bridesmaids. The best option is to choose the colour that complements your wedding gown and the groom/groomsmen’s outfit. You can carry this colour scheme throughout your wedding decor and tie everything together.

Style- There is no denying that different types of dresses suit different body shapes. Your bridesmaids can be apple-shaped, hourglass, pear-shaped, tall or short; you need to find a perfect dress that suits most body shapes. For this reason, most women prefer wearing infinity dresses as they are versatile and their flowing material flatters most figures.

Variety- No one says that all your bridesmaids must wear the same dress. They can wear the same colour dress with different necklines, straps, brettelles, or back. For this reason, most women prefer wearing an infinity dress as these can be styled in several ways to adapt to each body shape.

Wrapping Up

You might be wondering how you can manage all these things. So first off- plan a get-together with all your bridesmaids, preferably after you have bought your wedding dress, to discuss styles and colours. Have some magazines or websites to browse through and gauge whether everyone has similar or vastly differing ideas! Of course, the final decision is in your hands; after all, it is your wedding day. But you will realise that cooperation and flexibility make the whole process much easier.